About Us

We provide the best girls and women collection that is of the highest quality and is made with utmost dedication and love.

About Fli Butterflies

We believe in supporting Self-Confidence for girls, women of all ages and origin. We complete a variety  of accessories with love, faith, spirituality,  believing in yourself and going ahead successfully is what Fli Butterflies is all about. All girls and women are “Pretty” as our Trademark Slogan: “WHERE PRETTY BEGINS AND NEVER ENDS”.

Fli Butterflies History

Hand-Crafted Creation

Fli Butterflies was created in 2018 by a dedicated mother and her two daughters. They started making handcrafted hair accessories and fashion jewelry as a hobby.  As the girls’ mother created  pretty hand-made pieces for her two beautiful daughters and their friends requests, and compliments grew in their community. After some time, seeing the effect of the way her girls and others felt about themselves when they wore her pieces, she decided to develop an online store for hand-made hair accessories and making them her passion.

It’s a powerful thing to be able to affect the way someone feels about themselves and therefore the way they present themselves to the world.  Fli Butterflies believe every girl or woman out there are very special, We make our handcrafted products with love and want you to enjoy wearing them as much we enjoy making them. Fli Butterflies spark the idea of Self-confidence in young girls and women alike within our “Pretty” pieces. The personal attention and love that we infuse into our process are evident in the masterpieces that we create. We believe that here at  Fli Butterflies is “Where Pretty Begins And Never Ends.”